On the latest episode of the Low Pressure Podcast, Tatum Monod checks in with Mark Warner to chat about her two-year film project with CK9 Studios, Passage. The film, which you can watch by clicking here, won Best Short Movie, Best Editing and Standout Female Skier of the Year at the iF3 Festival, and traces Monod’s family roots from the Alps in the 1900s to the Canadian Rockies in the present day, where she staked her claimed in freeskiing’s spotlight.

Photo by Guy Fattal

In this episode, she discusses how fun and easy it was working with CK9, but also the trials and tribulations she endured after suffering a severe concussion while filming, and what she did to find some relief. She also regales us with a couple of fun fishing stories from a trip to Mexico, which is one of her biggest passions outside of skiing.


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