For the first episode in 2021 of the Low Pressure Podcast, pro skier, Englishman and all-around grand ol’ guy Paddy Graham sits down with the host with the most Mark Warner.

Paddy Graham & Paddy Graham. Photo by Johno Verity

In this episode, Paddy discusses the highly entertaining new Legs of Steel film, Action Men, which creatively utilizes stop-motion animation figures of the LOS crew being interviewed, which they needed to help complete the film following the COVID-19 shutdown across Europe. He also delves into growing up skiing on dry slope, his limited enthusiasm about his current 30-day yoga challenge, being an on-screen personality, road cycling around Europe, ski hooligans and much more.


Take in the episode below, and for all past, present and future installments of The Low Pressure Podcast, be sure to visit lowpressurepodcast.com and subscribe to it on Spotify, Google Play, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music.

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