For the latest episode of the Low Pressure Podcast, Mark Warner made his way to Burlington, Vermont to sit down with one of the most innovative geniuses in the history of freeskiing, Jason Levinthal.

Photo by Mark Warner

J-Lev, as he's more commonly know, is the founder and former owner of Line Skis, which he sold to K2 in 2006. From there, he started J Skis, which thumbed its nose at the standardized way of producing and selling skis at a set time of year, not unlike independent surf shapers. Then last summer, he sent shockwaves throughout the ski industry by purchasing 4FRNT Skis from its founder Matt Sterbenz, who remains at the company. In an conglomerate-filled sport, it was seen as a refreshing turn of events for one independent brand to buy another.

In his in-depth conversation with the Low Pressure Podcast, J-Lev discusses the stories behind all of the above, along with his thoughts on how to survive in the changing landscape of consumerism, and the value and importance of his direct sales model. It's a must listen.

Jason Levinthal. Photo by Mark Warner 

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