If you’re reading this, then chances are good you’ve looked at a trail map. And if you have, then chances are even better than James Niehues drew it. So for the latest episode of the Low Pressure Podcast, Mark Warner sat down with “The Man Behind The Maps” to pick his incredibly talented and artistic brain.

For over 30 years, Niehues has hand-drawn over 255 trail maps for 175 resorts around the world. And while improvements in technology and computer graphics have helped, he still prefers to draw every tree individually. A few years ago, Niehues was approached by Todd Bennett, a fan of his work, who proposed that he compile all his maps into a book. The result—following a successful Kickstarter campaign—was The Man Behind The Maps, which serves as the ultimate coffee table book for skiers and that you can purchase a copy of by clicking here.


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