On the latest episode of the Low Pressure Podcast, Mark Warner sits down with a photographer who’s near and dear to our heart, Ilanna Barkusky.

Keegan Kilbride at Sunshine Village, Alberta, from our Volume 4 Photo Annual.

Barkusky is an award-winning shutterbug from Vancouver B.C. who’s been frequently featured in our magazine over the years, and has played a pretty damn instrumental role in helping make Forecast what it is. And while she got her start in skiing and still absolutely loves it, the skills she developed on the slopes combined with her entrepreneurial spirit have led her to Los Angeles to open up new avenues for creativity. We at Forecast couldn’t be more proud of her, so be sure to give this one a listen!

Mack Jones at Grouse Mountain, B.C., from our Volume 2 Photo Annual.

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