On the latest episode of the Low Pressure Podcast, the host with the most Mark Warner sits down with one of Forecast’s Senior Photographers, Guy Fattal.

Guy Fattal in the Low Pressure Podcast Studio in Whistler. Photo by Mark Warner

Originally from Israel, Fattal recounts the unique story of his journey from growing up in the Middle East to being one of the ski industry’s most published photographers.

The Low Pressure Podcast's Mark Warner at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, B.C. Photo by Guy Fattal

He also delves into the series of epiphanies that have lead him to where he is today (including a chance meeting, a very specific nap, and being a door-to-door alarm system salesman in Saskatchewan when he first came to Canada), along with the discipline and efficiency he learned from spending three years in the Israel military, and how he incorporates that into his work when it comes to getting the shot. So needless to say, this one, like all episodes of the Low Pressure Podcast, is a must listen.

Fattal during his days in the Israeli military.

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