For the latest episode of the Low Pressure Podcast, Mark Warner made his way from Whistler, B.C. to Bellingham, Washington to sit down with one of the ski industry’s all-time great photographers, Grant Gunderson, who shot the cover of Issue 9.2 of Forecast.

RIP Kyle Smaine. Photo by Grant Gunderson

Fuelled by a insatiable love for skiing an unique need for creativity, Gunderson has spent the last 25+ years showing us the best of what skiing can be. In this episode, he opens up about the events of last season's tragic avalanche in Japan that took the lives of Kyle Smaine and Christoph Schöfegger, and explains the difficulty of how such a traumatic event has affected how he views the sport he loves so much. He also discusses founding The Ski Journal, his impressive garage, how his six-year-old son has made him a better photographer, his creative approach, and a whole lot more. Enjoy!

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