To help raise money for racial justice and opportunity, our friends at Level 1 Productions have teamed up with over 40 brands in the ski industry to turn words into action by organizing the Raffle For Justice, which we at Forecast are proud to be a part of. Over $35K worth of prizing is up for grabs, with all proceeds being donated to the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation (ACLU), NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Outdoor Afro and National Brotherhood of Skiers.

“While our sport has taken much from black culture we have too often given nothing back. That needs to change, and we have been inspired to follow the lead of others to raise money for racial justice and opportunity in our country and in our community.

We recognize that there is much to be done to make skiing inclusive, as there is much to be done to provide equal rights and opportunities to all. Our sport, and most other outdoor sports aren’t accessible to everyone and while income barriers and geography play a role, so does an industry that hasn’t taken enough steps to promote and support inclusivity.

It’s important for us all to nurture an outdoor sport culture, and an approach to community in general that makes space for all people, no matter their race, gender, income, or any other defining identity - we think that the groups we have chosen to support through this initiative represent this.

We are not a large company and don’t have the means to make a sizable financial contribution on our own, but we do have the support of so many good people and brands in this community that are willing to help make a difference. 

While we recognize that some like to dismiss social media activism, this fundraiser is for us a first step towards putting our time, energy, and resources to work beyond making a statement online. We at Level 1 commit to working towards equality and inclusivity beyond this fundraiser, beyond these few weeks, and beyond this moment.

We all have a role to play in making this world a more fair, just, and inclusive place, and we hope that giving you a chance to win some awesome stuff will make it easy for you to pitch in.

Thank you to all of the people and brands supporting this raffle, without their generosity this would not be possible.” – Level 1 Productions

For more information on the Raffle For Justice (which runs until Sunday, June 28th), available product, and to purchase tickets for this important cause, please visit level1productions.com/products/raffle-for-justice.

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