K2's International Women's Ski Day

Calling all women! The snow is falling and it’s time to have some fun on the slopes with your girls! In less than two weeks, on Saturday, December 17th, the 4th annual International Women’s Ski Day (IWSD), created by K2 Skis, will take place across the globe. The goal is simple: drop what you’re doing and enjoy the mountain with your friends/sisters/mom/daughters, whether skiing or snowboarding. Women from all around the world are invited to get together to celebrate skiing, snowboarding, and the power of female camaraderie by having fun on and off the hill.

K2 international womens ski day image
How does it work? Create your own event wherever you are! Make a plan to get out and enjoy the mountains, whatever that means to you. Let your friends know where you’ll be, when and why (IWSD, of course!). Let K2 Skis know about your event and add it to the world map by filling out the form on this page. Whether it’s laps in the park, taking a group lesson, hiking for pow, ripping groomers, teaching a friend to ski/snowboard or just getting together for apres, December 17 is YOUR day. Whatever brand you ski/snowboard on, whomever you ski/snowboard with and wherever you are, enjoy the fallen flakes with your girls!

For more information, please go to k2skis.com/womens-ski-day. The more pins K2 adds to the map, the more of an impact this day will have so let K2 Skis know what you’ve got planned! Then come December 17, have the best day on the slopes wherever you are, knowing women are doing it everywhere!

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