K2 Sports has announced plans to integrate the Full Tilt collection of boots into the K2 product line, to further innovate for the consumer and strengthen the K2 brand, effective for the 2022/2023 ski season. Founded in 2006 under K2 Sports, a collection of eight iconic winter sports brands, the Full Tilt brand has been known for its three-piece ski boot technology, the choice of top pros worldwide and a major contributor to progressive skiing culture since its inception.

While the transition of the Full Tilt brand has been announced, the tried-and-true three-piece boot and global support of athletes that have shaped the brand over the years will continue through the K2 Skis. For now, and the future, K2’s ongoing dedication will further drive boot innovation and continue to promote the progression and culture of skiing.

"Full Tilt Boots have been on my feet for 15 years, for every X Games medal, film segment and edit. I've designed 10+ years of pro model boots with Full Tilt and loved every second of creating, testing, and marketing new versions every year. I'm excited for the future of K2 boots and to bring my flavor and style to a new line of products—the same molds, tech, and design but with a new logo. The boots will continue to provide the look, comfort, and stomped landings you've come to expect!" -Tom Wallisch

The 21/22 winter season will be the final ski season of Full Tilt in the market. Through Spring of 2022, Full Tilt will be continuing to push out product releases, provide customer service, dealer support, warranties/exchanges, support athletes, share unique content and run a dedicated marketing platform. For decades, the original 3-piece ski boot design has dominated competition, brought style to the ski boot game, and provided fit solutions for countless skiers. Full Tilt's part in this storied legacy has been a fun one, embraced by the passionate community of park skiers, freestyle enthusiasts and core ski shops that live and breathe skiing every day.

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