After long deliberations, the official film selection for the 12th edition of the iF3 Movie Awards, which is scheduled to take place on October 19th at 5 p.m. at Bain Mathieu in Montreal at the conclusion of the iF3 Festival, has been announced. Drumroll please…

Amateur Category

Pretzel Production - May West
Vicho Sutil Producciones - Resiliencia
The Ridge Films - Close To Home
Nate Cahoon - The Cottonwood Project
Real Skifi - Ilkka Hannula Dream Park
SV Film - Southern Alps
Hunter Hess - Magma
Zooloo Nation - Flow
Nosafe - In-truh-spek-tiv
Benshi Creative - Before Tomorrow
The A6ENCY - Wild Life
Laura Obermeyer - JYOSEI
Fresh Influence - A Transkiberian Story
Notion - Pinot Grigio
David Brown - Multiplayers
Tweakend - Dreamland
EubanksMedia - Disruptive Innovation
OnSlaught Crew - Pursuit
Shred Code - High World 1800
Cururo Collective - Leyenda del Cururo
Domenico Lagomarsino - Nirvana

Pro Category
Summit Lunch Productions - Peak Obsession: A Fifty Project Short Film
Tanner Hall - In the Meantime
Alex Beaulieu-Marchand - Avenue
Good Company - Cruise Control
CK9 Studios - Sammy C, Over Time
Switchback Entertainment - Charge
Switchback Entertainment - Solstice
Mattila Visual - Visions
Level 1 Productions - Romance
The Bunch - Elnour
Strictly - Welcome
JF Houle - Never Over
The Faction Collective - The Collective
Matchstick Productions - Return To Send'er
Edward Clem Media - The Book of Pow
Jeff Thomas Creative - Mount Baker Freestyle
B-Person Media - Nuance
Shred Posse Media - The Mountains Are Calling
Gpsy Feelin - Viridis
Blank Collective Films - 7 Stages of Blank
Bob Culture Creative - The Dynamic Medium
Line Traveling Circus - Snow Collusion
Midiafilm - Der Tiroler und sein Piefke
Legs of Steel - 121
Origin Design + Communications - Spearhead
Origin Design + Communications - Call Me Crazy
Janina Kuzma - A Winter Affair: East West
Shades of Winter - Lucid
Unicorn Picnic - Pivot
Lena Stoffel - Circle of the Sun
Katie Burrell TV - Dream Job
Laurie Blouin - Uprise
PVS Company - Insitu
Postland Theory - Honey
Red Bull Media House - Offline
Teton Gravity Research - Roadless
Absinthe Films - Isle Of Snow
Dakine - Blindspot
Teton Gravity Research - Winterland
Jeremy Pancras Visuals - Keep it Real
Heart Films - Gathering
Almo Film - Shelter
Will Binamé - The Russian Odyssey

Blank Collective's Alexi Godbout and Stan Rey accepting the award for Standout Big Mountain Film at the 2018 iF3 Awards.

Note that the above are only part of the official selection that will be judged for the iF3 Movie Awards, and not all films will be presented during the iF3 Festival, which takes place in Montreal on October 17th - 20th. Congratulations to all of the participants, and in the event that your production was selected, please send the full film as soon as possible to communications@if3festival.com, as the deadline is September 20th.

Bain Mathieu in Montreal, home of the iF3 Festival.

Stay tuned for the official program for the 12th edition of the iF3 Festival, which will be unveiled soon, and for more information on the event, visit festivalif3.com.

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