Last Saturday, Blue Mountain Resort kicked off the start of the contest season in Ontario with the 10th anniversary of Frozen Rail Jam.

The parks and events team decided it was time to bring this historic contest to its original home, front and centre in the Blue Mountain village.


Hundreds of people came out to watch Ontario’s top dawgs throw down for $1,500 in cash money and tons of prizes from Picture Organic Clothing, Ride Snowboards, K2 Snowboards, Line Skis, Full Tilt Boots, Steriks, Spy Goggles, Lifted and Hillside Outfitters.


Here’s a look at who skied and snowboarded their way to the podium along with a video recap of the event…

Grom Ski
1) Connor Selby
2) Bas Stroomber
3) Desi Solursh

Grom Snowboard
1) Maddox Matte
2) Colin Hunter
3) Owen Reed

Am Snowboard
1) Adam Cohen
2) Thomas Panksep
3) Luke Landreth

Am Ski
1) Briden Cardiolo
2) Jasper Issler
3) Graydon Weis

Open Snowboard
1) Liam Brearley
2) Cam Spalding
3) Colton Eckert

Open Ski
1) Lucas Eastmure
2) Erik Mortveit
3) Raelan Moonilall

Open Women’s Snowboard
1) Maddison Gale
2) Maddie Baltovich
3) Emma Brearley

Open Women’s Ski
1) Shondra Charbonnau
2) Ava Aubry

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