Frozen Rail Jam Kicks Off Blue Mountain’s Season

It has been a slow start to the season in Ontario. The lack of cold temperatures and snow made Saturday, January 2nd an exciting day for local rail aficionados. The Blue Mountain Park Crew & Events Team brushed the dust off an event from the history books, and kicked off this season’s Badlands Park Jams, by bringing back the Frozen Rail Jam.

Frozen rail jam 2015 myleollas halpin
Open Men's Ski 3rd Place Finisher Myleollas Halpin

A new format was brought into play as well; Overall Best Line. Each rider would have to link their two best tricks on either the 20-foot flat beam or 30-foot Oakley handrail, into the 24-foot Rockstar shotgun or tube. Each division had 30 minutes to throw down in order to qualify for finals, and all the riders made the most of every second by getting creative with the options before them.

Frozen rail jam 2015 liam crossan
12 & Under Grom Ski Winner Liam Crossan
$1500 in cash prizing was handed out to the Open divisions, plus tons of prizing from the event sponsors. There was also $50 on the line for the ‘Coldest Trick’ in both the ski and snowboard categories. All the riders kept the party going after the event at Blue Mountain’s local gem of a bar Jozo’s. A special thanks to our friends at Coors Light for keeping everyone hydrated. The Badlands Park Jams are just getting started, and there’s plenty left to come on the calender:

January 15 - Friday Night Light it Up Rail Jam
January 31 - Badlands Slopestyle
February 21 - Superpipe Sunday
March 4 - Friday Night Light it Up Rail Jam


12 & Under Grom Snowboard
1) Coltan Eckert
2) Alessandro Liberttucci
3) Luca Liberttucci

Frozen rail jam 2015 grom ski
12 & Under Grom Ski Podium
12 & Under Grom Ski

1) Liam Crossan
2) Kaelam Steiner
3) Jasper Issler

Am Girls Ski
1) Chole Stormgaard

Frozen rail jam 2015 am ski
AM Ski Podium
Am Ski

1) Luke Wansborough
2) Cooper Anderson
3) Angus Crossan

Am Snowboard
1) Hayden Edwards
2) Brian Anderson
3) Jordan Abbruzzese

Frozen rail jam 2015 open ski
Open Men's Ski Podium
Open Men’s Ski

1) Matt Crawford
2) Christian Stormgaard
3) Myleollas Halpin

Open Men’s Snowboard
1) Danny Glibota
2) Kody Williams
3) Christiaqn Primrose

Open Women’s Snowboard
1) Leanna King
2) Kiranjit Phagurha
3) Molly Bouchard

Frozen rail jam 2015 coldest trick
Coldest Trick Winner Matt Crawford
Coldest Trick Ski: Matt Crawford - 450 on, 270 off

Coldest Trick Snowboard: Tye Wilson - Cab 180 on, Tame Dog off

The Frozen Rail Jam was brought to you by Blue Mountain, King Snow, Rockstar, Forecast Ski Magazine, Oakley, Mountain Hardwear, Vans, Coors Light, K2, Yes, Now, Burton, Ride, Jones and DC.

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