Frozen Rail Jam at Blue Mountain

Words & Photos: Erika Langman

Sunny skies, cold temps and lots of natural snow made up the key ingredients for the success of the 2017 Frozen Rail at Blue Mountain Resort. Over 80 athletes came out to compete in this historic seasonal kick-off freestyle event, and this year’s unique setup did not disappoint.

Frozen rail jam 2017 banners
Frozen Rail Jam is a ‘best line’ contest, in which the athletes were judged on their ability to link two technical tricks in a row on two different features. The features were as follows:
Feature #1 - Option A - Closeout to 30’ urban down rail

Feature #1 - Option B - Flat-down 30’ rail
Feature #1 - Option C - Flat-down box and rail plaza

Feature #2 - Option - 20’ round bar transfer to banked wall ride
Feature #2 - Option B - Lift tower tube
Feature #2 - Option C - 28’ Down-flat-down round bar

Frozen rail jam 2017 spin

Riders were throwing down all day in each category, with $1,500 in cash on the line and tons of prizing from K2, Ride, Line, Full Tilt, Rockstar, Yes, Now, Jones, POW and Smith.

In addition, $400 was generated from a raffle supporting local rider Kody Williams, who was injured a few weeks ago while filming. A big shout-out goes to the Open Men's Snowboard winner Joel Dalacker for donating his $250 first place prize money to the cause.

Frozen rail jam 2017 disaster


Frozen rail jam 2017 results 1
AM (Men)

1) Curtis Kennedy
2) Liam Crossan
3) Dax Miller
4) Jasper Issler
5) Bailey Tripp

Frozen rail jam 2017 results 3
Open (Women)

1) Megan Oldham
2) Chloe Storngaurd

Frozen rail jam 2017 results 2
Open (Men)

1) Christin Storngaurd
2) Corey Vanular
3) Rae Moanilall
4) Bruce Oldham
5) Angus Crossan

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