The Freeride World Tour (FWT) Challenger series in Region 2, the Americas, has wrapped up for the season, locking in the final rankings and unveiling the talented group joining the FWT next year. Each member of this year’s graduating class will be a fresh face in the big league, but, with a wealth of combined experience on the FWT Qualifier series, they will undoubtedly be at home competing in the big mountains next year. This also showcases the level of the up-and-coming riders, as none of the FWT-relegated athletes managed to regain their position on tour.

Photo by Dom Daher / Freeride World Tour

Here are the 2024 FWT qualified riders from Region 2...

Ski Men
Colton Shaff (USA)
Wei Tien Ho (CAN)
Jackson Bathgate (CAN)
Kendall Goodman (USA)

Ski Women
Lydia Nelsen (USA)
Taylor Dobyns (USA)

Snowboard Men
Brian Stenerson (USA
Warren Doyle (USA)

Snowboard Women
Erin Sauve (CAN)

Photo by Mia Knoll / Freeride World Tour

Congratulations to all these riders, who have proven they are not only at the top of their game, but also shown the required consistency to earn a place in the pinnacle of the sport, the FWT. Some of these athletes have toiled away for years for a shot at the FWT crown, including Jackson Bathgate, who won the 2016 Freeride Junior World Championships, but had a string of injuries that kept him from competition. Brian Stenerson has been knocking at the FWT door since 2014, enjoying multiple podiums but narrowly missing out on the promotion on several occasions. Keep an eye out next year for 18-year-old Lydia Nelsen, who put down a dominant performance in the series, taking home two out of three wins, while Erin Sauve went one better with a clean sweep—claiming victory in all three events.

Photo by Mia Knoll / Freeride World Tour

A special shout out also to all the competitors on the FWT Challenger series, especially those who narrowly missed the cut—such as Brodie Jensen (CAN), who missed out by only 100 points. We look forward to seeing you all bounce back next year, and challenge once again for a place on the FWT. Check out the full rankings here, and be sure to stay tuned to the FWT’s social channels and website for all the latest news as it drops, including the announcement for the qualified riders from Region 1 of the FWT Challenger series.

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