Earlier this week, the Freeride Junior World Championships (FJWC) made a triumphant return to Kappl, Austria and the Quellspitze face after a two-year break.

Hennessy Dillon. Photo courtesy of Freeride Junior Tour

Despite the challenging snow conditions, the wide variety of terrain and large choice of lines made for an excellent competition and a welcome return to the home of the FJWC.

Bender Martin. Photo courtesy of Freeride Junior Tour


With the competition beginning at 10:30 a.m., the Snowboard Women were the first to drop. In what was to be a podium sweep for American athletes, Lila Yeoman (USA) took the win. With difficult conditions she made the most of the face to show the judges a creative and flowy line. Samantha Lansky (USA) and Kaiya Hanepen (USA) finished in 2nd and 3rd to complete the U.S. dominance in the category.

Photo by Mia Knoll / Freeride Junior Tour


1) Lila Yeoman
2) Samantha Lansky
3) Kaiya Hanepen
4) Zoé MacGeorge
5) Meghan Stewart
6) Jenna Voirol


Tavo Sadeg (USA) finished first in the Snowboard Men’s category with a strong and technical line. He headed into the steep and exposed section of the face and highlighted his run with an exposed drop into a tight chute to show exceptional control and technical ability. With 88 points, Tavo stood comfortably at the top of the podium. Maceo Peresson (FRA) and Vaughn Hardwick (AUS) completed the podium in 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Photo by Mia Knoll / Freeride Junior Tour


1) Tavo Sadeg
2) MacÈo Peresson
3) Vaughn Hardwick
4) Tristan Legru-Yildiz
5) Temma Tamai
6) Isaac Singer
7) Jace Guadagnoli
8) Dade Bunnell
9) Haruki Takeuchi
10) Timo Fitzpatrick
11) Aidan McGinley


Jenna Meyers (USA) stormed out of the start gate as the first to drop in the Ski Women’s category. Linking a fast and fluid line with strong technical skiing, she took an early lead with 80.67 points, where she stayed for the remainder of the competition, while Sonja Taudien (SUI) and Alizée Grivel (SUI) finished 2nd and 3rd with two strong runs on the Quellspitze.

Photo by Mia Knoll / Freeride Junior Tour


1) Jenna Meyers
2) Sonja Taudien
3) Alizée Grivel
4) Zoè Delzoppo
5) Campbell Bates
6) Eden Amundsen
7) Madison Ringham
8) Charlotte Aymon
9) Fèlicia Andersson
10) Morgan Kilmain
11) Morgan Kilmain
12) Sophia Bisbee
13) Tereza Novotná
14) Tyra Erikka
15) Sanna Sollien
16) Finley Tanner


A large and very competitive field of Ski Men put on an impressive show in Kappl despite the changing snow conditions across the face. Martin Bender (SUI) stomped what could have been a win in every category for the U.S. athletes. He rode a creative and technically challenging run to take the win on the Quellspitze. After dropping in, he sent several big airs before heading into a fresh zone on the face and lacing a hand-drag 360 to consolidate the run of the day. With 95.67 points Martin took the lead from Jean Tonnelier (FRA), who was previously in the lead with 92.33 points, while Jack Kolesch (CAN) finished 3rd. 

Photo by Mia Knoll / Freeride Junior Tour


1) Martin Bender
2) Jean Tonnelier
3) Jack Kolesch
4) Nico Wucherer
5) Florian Michelini
6) Mason Scott
7) Sage Boyer
8) Luca Wieland
9) Justin Blanchet Nicoud
10) Jordan Ray
11) Cejay Adkins
12) Owen Carlson
13) Alex Dedieu
14) Clement Bontemps
15) Dillon Hennessy
16) Thèo Vouillamoz
17) Hugo Marièthoz
18) Andreas Bakke
19) Alex Mortes
20) Adam Kuch
21) Brodie Jensen
22) Owen Deale
23) Nino Ess
24) Pau Rafel
25) Luke MacConnell
26) Tucker Carr
27) Emrik Strömberg
28) Yudai Kawai
29) Adrien Andre
30) Tom Freeman
31) William Cattaneo
32) David Burger

2022 Freeride Junior World Champions. Photo by Mia Knoll / Freeride Junior Tour

The level of riding in Kappl showed, without question, that the future of competitive freeriding is in good hands. For more information on the event, and to watch the competition replay, be sure to visit

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