In the course of routine quality assurance and control activities, it has become apparent to Fischer Sports GmbH that a touring ski boot model from the TRAVERS series, specifically the TRAVERS CC (delivered after October 2018), may crack after frequent use and the carbon cuff can break under continuous heavy load.

Breakage is caused by continuous high stress in the ski mode. This creates high tensile force which impacts the assembly area of the ski/walk-lever and can lead to cracks under constant load. If a crack has started on the upper cuff, further cracks can materialize under continuous load and/or can ultimately lead to a complete breakage of the cuff. In case of a sudden and unexpected breakage of the cuff, the user is at risk of crash and injury due to loss of cuff stability.

To eliminate safety risk to the user, Fischer is immediately recalling all TRAVERS CC delivered to-date. Our high-quality standards and our sense of responsibility have prompted us to take a proactive approach with this recall to further ensure the quality of our products in every respect, and to rule out any safety risks.

Which articles are affected?
All sizes of model TRAVERS CC, U18519 delivered after October 2018 are affected. (25.5 -30.5)

What are the preventative measures – what do I have to do?
All consumers of the touring ski boot model TRAVERS CC should immediately contact their respective dealer for the purpose of returning the ski boots. In the course of the return, either the purchase price will be refunded or - if the consumer agrees – the boots will be exchanged for a substitute Fischer touring ski boot model, subject to availability.

Contact details for further information:
Any customer who is affected can obtain further information from
Email: (in Canada)

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