Dew Tour 2016 Recap

Snowy weather in Breckenridge didn’t stop competitors from bringing the heat on day two of the 2016 Dew Tour ski and snowboard competition, presented by Mountain Dew and TEN: The Enthusiast Network at Breckenridge Ski Resort, Colorado. It was non-stop action as world-class skiers and snowboarders took to Dew Tour’s reimagined Slopestyle Jib section hoping to be named overall slopestyle champions.

Dew tour 2016 rails
Photo by George Crosland / Dew Tour

The Slopestyle Jib section featured four jib sections, complete with a mix of rails, boxes and an up rail, gap to fence jib Toyota feature, enabling competitors to showcase their creativity and style. Athletes had three runs, with the best run score counting towards their cumulative total. In the new two-part format, the jib section scores are added to the jump section scores to determine an overall slopestyle winner.

Dew tour 2016 henrik harlaut lifestyle
Henrik Harlaut. Photo by Jamie Walter / Dew Tour

Swedish skier Henrik Harlaut kept his momentum with his top scoring day in the jump section and first ever double cork bio 1260 in competition, securing his first Dew Tour slopestyle podium in four years. With his second jibs run score of 81.33 making his total 162.65 and enough for the win, Harlaut happily took a victory lap on his final run.

Dew tour 2016 henrik harlaut jump
Henrik Harlaut. Photo by Jamie Walter / Dew Tour

“I feel phenomenal,” said Harlaut. “I’m so, so stoked. This whole format and everything is awesome. It’s nice to have more attention towards each section. And everyone was skiing so good. It was really fun to watch.”

Dew tour 2016 oystein braten rail
Oystein Braten. Photo by Jamie Walter / Dew Tour

Behind Harlaut was Norwegian pro Oystein Braten, with a final total of 158.32. Third place honors went to Alex Beaulieu-Marchand of Canada, with his total score of 153.99.

Dew tour 2016 kelly sildaru lifestyle
Kelly Sildaru. Photo by Andrew Durso / Dew Tour

Fourteen-year-old Estonian ripper Kelly Sildaru came back this year with a vengeance to secure back-to-back Dew Tour Ski Slopestyle Titles. After yesterday’s historical performance with back-to-back 900’s in the jump section, Sildaru secured her title in the jib section with 73.00 points, making her total 159.33, a full six points higher than the rest of the group. Sildaru also took a victory lap on her final run, while still stomping a switch 450 and 270 on, 270 off, solidifying her win.

Dew tour 2016 kelly sildaru jump
Kelly Sildaru. Photo by Andrew Durso / Dew Tour

“I’m really stoked,” said Sildaru. “The heavy snow made it a little difficult, but everyone still did really well and I’m really happy with the result.”

Dew tour 2016 maggie voisin jump
Maggie Voisin. Photo by Jamie Walter / Dew Tour

Montana local Maggie Voisin went away with second place honors with her 153.32 total, and Canadian Kaya Turski, landed in third with a 146.99 total score.

Dew tour 2016 kaya turski rail
Kaya Turski. Photo by Jamie Walter / Dew Tour

Under the lights off of Main Street in Downtown Breckenridge, male skiers and snowboarders put on a show for a massive crowd during the streetstyle competition. The progressive setup was perfected by Snow Park Technologies, Keystone A51 and Breckenridge Ski Resort park crews. Twenty three-year-old skier Alex Bellemare (CAN) took top place honors in the overall category, while best trick went to Tim McChesney (USA) with his lipslide 270 on to front swap transfer, 270 out on the lift tower tube to down rail.

Dew tour 2016 tim mcchesney rail
Tim McChesney. Photo by Jamie Walter / Dew Tour

Men’s Ski Slopestyle

1) Henrik Harlaut (Jump Score - 81.32 / Jib Score - 81.33 / Total - 162.65)
2) Oystein Braten (Jump Score - 74.99 / Jib Score - 83.33 / Total - 158.32)
3) Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (Jump Score - 66.99 / Jib Score - 87.0 / Total - 153.99)
4) Jossi Wells (Jump Score - 66.00 / Jib Score - 85.66 / Total - 151.66)
5) McRae Williams (Jump Score - 74.33 / Jib Score - 76.66 / Total - 150.99)
6) Fabian Boesch (Jump Score - 73.99 / Jib Score - 76.00 / Total - 149.99)

Dew tour 2016 men's podium
Oystein Braten (2nd), Henrik Harlaut (1st), Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (3rd). Photo by Chris Ortiz / Dew Tour
Women’s Ski Slopestyle

1) Kelly Sildaru (Jump Score - 86.33 / Jib Score - 73.00 / Total - 159.33)
2) Maggie Voisin (Jump Score - 68.99 / Jib Score - 84.33 / Total - 153.32)
3) Kaya Turski (Jump Score - 69.66 / Jib Score - 77.33 / Total - 146.99)
4) Isabel Atkin (Jump Score - 67.33 / Jib Score - 70.00 / Total - 137.33)
5) Devin Logan (Jump Score - 58.99 / Jib Score - 78.00 / Total - 136.99)
6) Yuki Tsubota (Jump Score - 60.33 / Jib Score - 52.66 / Total - 112.99)

Dew tour 2016 women's podium
Maggie Voisin (2nd), Kelly Sildaru (1st), Kaya Turski (3rd). Photo by Chris Ortiz / Dew Tour
Men’s Ski Streetstyle

1) Alex Bellemare
2) Sandy Boville
3) Alex Beaulieu-Marchand

Best Trick - Tim McChesney

Dew tour 2016 streetstyle podium
Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (2nd), Alex Bellemare (1st), Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (3rd). Photo by Jamie Walter / Dew Tour

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