One of Forecast's most prolific contributing photographers, Guy Fattal, and renowned filmmaker and photographer Ryan Kenny, are offering a photography workshop at the Callaghan Country Backcountry Lodge just outside of Whistler, B.C. on April 1st - 3rd.

Fattal and Kenny, who worked together on the former’s winning entry in the 2017 Deep Winter Photo Challenge, are passionate about backcountry skiing, snowboarding and photography. Over the past few years, the two have traveled to some of the world’s snowiest destinations to document the best athletes in pursuit of the perfect photograph. 

Anna Segal. Photo by Guy Fattal

After working for years to establish their careers in the outdoor industry, they’re looking to share their knowledge and photography secrets with you, while helping you develop your own style. Through the art of storytelling and seeking adventures, their upcoming workshop aims to leave you as inspired as they are.

Callaghan Country Backcountry Lodge. Photo by Guy Fattal

The setting: Callaghan Country, a unique, backcountry-based, all-inclusive lodge nestled in the Coast Mountains, just 20 minutes away from Whistler and 90 minutes from Vancouver. After accessing the lodge via snowmobile, Fattal and Kenny will lead you into some of the west coast’s finest terrain (which you’ll have all to yourselves), and provide you with the opportunity to ski and shoot with some of Whistler’s top athletes. While there, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to communicating with athletes to achieve success, along with how to get creative and set up angles in magnificent and changing landscapes, light and conditions.

Callaghan Country Backcountry Lodge. Photo by Guy Fattal

After skiing and shooting, you’ll enjoy all the comforts of the lodge, including an outdoor wood sauna and delicious dinners prepared by the lodge chef, followed by shooting under the stars to capture the tremendous mountains at night. Throughout the workshop, the two will also share their knowledge with you when it comes to working in the outdoor industry as freelancers: how to approach clients, et photos published in magazines, and maintain your passion in the days of social media. 

Jules Mandin. Photo by Guy Fattal

The price for the three-day workshop is $1,200, and includes everything (accommodation, meals, the workshop itself, etc.), with the exception alcoholic beverages. For more information on the workshop and/or to sign-up (note that only six spots are available), email Guy and Ryan at &, and check out the Facebook event page by clicking here.

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