Athletes woke up to their phones blinking yellow with everyone’s favourite ‘extreme cold warning alert’ this past Saturday, January 6th. Despite the blowing snow and frigid -30 degree Celsius temperatures, the die-hard riders made their way to Blue Mountain for the first event of the season—the 9th annual Frozen Rail Jam.

Photo by Travis Tedford

Even with the previous evening’s road closures and scaled-down mountain operations, the turnout did not disappoint. It was by far one the province’s best displays of rail talent.

Photo by Travis Tedford

Sticking with the rail jam theme while thinking outside the box, the Blue Mountain Events & Terrain Park Team put together a solid rail plaza with the highlight feature being a ledge made out of solid ice. In addition to the $1,500 in prize money, an extra $100 was tossed in for the best trick on the Ice Rail, and all of the riders threw down in the jam format for the best overall impression.

Photo by Travis Tedford

A big thank you goes out to the sponsors who provided great prizing, including Ride Snowboard, Full Tilt, Line Skis, Smith, Rockstar, Airhole and K2 Snowboarding.

Photo by Travis Tedford


Open Men's Ski

1) Riley Casey Shaw
2) Christian Stormgaard
3) Elliott Black

Open Women's Ski

1) Chloe Stormgaard
2) Elyssa Wilmott

Grom Ski - Thomas Haslett
Best Trick - Cam Spalding

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