Blizzard is proud to introduce a brand-new collection of all-mountain skis crafted for skiers who defy the ordinary, Anomaly. Recognizing the ambiguity of the “all-mountain” category and the evolving needs of skiers who want a ski that marries downhill performance with multi-terrain versatility, Anomaly provides the foundation for skiers to approach the mountain with their own unique brand of style, speed, control, and face-melting fun.

"We developed the Anomaly collection with the notion that the industry didn’t need ‘just another all-mountain ski’,” said Christian Avery, Blizzard Tecnica North American Product Manager. “We wanted to develop a collection of skis which nod to both how we see ourselves as a brand as well as how the skiers we identify with perceive themselves; they are individuals, they do stand out, and most importantly as it pertained to developing these skis, they look at the mountain differently.”

The engineering goal of Anomaly was to create a collection that honors Blizzard’s heritage of horsepower but wouldn’t bully skiers off the mountain. After all, a race car is only as good as its brakes, and confidence is key.

Drawing on the success of Fluxform Technology in the Rustler freeride collection, Blizzard has tailored an all-new Fluxform to meet the specific needs of all-mountain skiing. Two full sheets of Titanal are broken into three layers, allowing for the top layers to sheer slightly within the ski. This reduces torsional rigidity so you can come in and out of turns with ease, all while maintaining a super stable, damp feeling from tip to tail. The result is a ski that allows you to step on it, but feel confident you’ll be able to shut it down when you need to.

Available in 102, 94, 88, and 84 waist widths, Anomaly brings to the table an increased and more progressive rocker profile in the tip and tail, for ease of turn initiation and improved versatility in all conditions. With a slightly shorter on-snow contact length but increased camber height, Anomaly provides improved power and stability at speed and generates more energy out of turns without sacrificing on versatility or intuitiveness.

A new metal layup and rocker profile brought the need to refine the Trueblend woodcore at the heart of the ski. Stringers of dense Beech wood are concentrated underfoot to provide plenty of power and stability where you need it, yet taper towards the tip and tail among softer Poplar wood. The result is a woodcore that is specifically designed to be strongest underfoot and get progressively softer towards the ends of the ski to perfectly match the rocker profile and Fluxform metal layup for a smooth, balanced flex.

The concept of “Specifically Designed” is Blizzard’s North Star, and the Trueblend wood cores are the epitome. Because the layout of the stringers is specific to each size, the cores cannot simply be cut to length, but rather are designed specifically for every size of every model. Every ski has its own specific core, fine-tuned to optimize the performance of that one ski for that one skier.

Anomaly will be available in Fall 2024.

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