Awayco, an experience platform that connects adventure seekers with premium gear, is thrilled to announce that it has officially launched in the mountain category with skis, snowboards and soon, bikes, in North America, Europe and Japan. Across all categories Awayco connects the world’s most innovative brands and the best specialty retailers with users around the globe.

“We built Awayco to connect people around the world to the things they are passionate about,” said Awayco CEO Gideon Silverman. “We want to make a space for people to travel with less baggage, live a little lighter and experience the things they care about more often.”

Photo by Ming Poon

Through a seamless booking platform, Awayco elevates customer experiences and simplifies the demo process, enabling members to reserve premium products online from anywhere in the world.  Once reserved, members simply walk into a participating specialty retail partner, say “I’m here for my Awayco,” pick up their gear without the hassle of cumbersome onsite paperwork and then go play.

Since Awayco’s launch in surf in December 2017, Awayco quickly became a global community of loyal members experiencing premium surfboards via affiliate retailers in more than 50 destinations worldwide. Following two successful pilot seasons, Awayco is now able to connect its growing member base to the best skis, boards and splitboards from partner brands like DPS, Faction, Black Crows, RMU, Moment, Armada, YES, and Burton in iconic destinations globally (full list here). More Awayco partner locations are added every day.

The Awayco platform was co-founded by CEO Gideon Silverman (previously Product Manager at Google) and CTO Francesco Nerieri (Engineering lead at Google) with a mission to provide easy access between premium outdoor brands, their customers, and the best retailers in the most iconic locations.  Now members can travel lighter, experience more and live their greatest passions.

Awayco is for everyone, but today it elevates the lives of four particular types of adventurers. Awayco is perfect for those who travel for adventure, but don’t like the burden of lugging heavy equipment through airports and on trains; ideal for those who seek the best equipment for a range of conditions and those who want to do the things they love, just don’t want to own stuff in excess; and a no-brainer for those who seek multi-sport adventures with a single, easy-to-access solution. Simply put, Awayco members have a limitless quiver on demand, around the globe. Awayco is a magic wand in your pocket.

“The world has never been more connected, yet the forces that connect us also threaten to make us more homogenous. Through Awayco, we intend to make it easy for people to connect with the unique communities and the cultures that enable our passions for roads, mountains, oceans and waves,” continued Silverman. “Awayco aims to empower local retailers as the custodians of these cultures and communities—we want to increase the customer presence in these stores. We want to encourage everyone to get outside, meet new people, have new experiences, share, laugh and connect.”

Awayco makes it possible to move through the world more freely with more meaningful experiences: less planning, more playing. The Awayco vision is to inspire people to venture into the outdoors in the name of fun and joy, becoming more present and connected to nature and the communities around them. Learn more or sign up for free at

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