Bound by the passion of freeride culture, the wild variety of mountains extends a compelling invitation. Whether you’re drawn to the deepest powder, the steepest faces, or isolated backcountry slopes, every new Atomic Maverick and Maven, Bent and Backland FR ski embraces the collective spirit that unites skier and terrain as one.

Photo by Cam McLeod


Smooth and ambitious, the new Maverick and Maven models are hard-charging, all-conditions, all-mountain skis that take skiing to the next level.

Offered in new width and length profiles for 24/25, the new models feature a powerful HRZN 3D tip reinforced with wood and more surface area for better float in powder and more stable, smoother performance in variable snow conditions.

Incorporating lessons learned from a professional life cycle assessment, the new Maverick and Maven models features a lower-impact construction that strikes the ideal balance of woods and metal with less fiberglass and resin to reduce waste production. By using less metal, fiberglass, and resin and topsheets with more recycled material in the construction of the new Maverick and Maven skis, their lower-impact design reduces production waste and cuts CO2 equivalent emissions by 24%.

Built to charge and driven to explore, the spirited Maverick 105 CTI sets the new standard for all-mountain, all-conditions, freeride skis. Engineered just like the wider Maverick 115 CTI with a slightly more versatile waist width, this Maverick 105 CTI is constructed with the same Power Woodcore, a dynamic ash and poplar wood core that improves stability and reduces vibration at speed.

A pure all-mountain, all-conditions freeride ski, the women’s Maven 103 CTI is designed to charge hard and driven to explore new terrain. Built similar to the sturdy, lower-impact design of the unisex Maverick 105 CTI, the Maven 103 CTI core construction uses​ less metal, fiberglass and resin​, and features a Power Woodcore that uses a unique blend of ash and poplar wood to improve the ski’s stability and significantly reduce vibration when at speed.

The ski of choice for Atomic skiers like Amie Engebretson, it’s the smooth and cruisy, yet firm and fierce all-mountain performance of the Maven 103 CTI that keeps her chasing after the next turn.

One of the most revered ski in the core ski community, extensive testing, feedback and validation from pro athletes, local influencers, retail buyers, shop employees, and end consumers has gone into the development of the new Maverick and Maven models.


Built for every style, freeride to freestyle, each ski in the Bent Family has unique performance characteristics intended to amplify the imagination and bring progressive, playful skiing to the mountains.

New this season, the Bent Chetler 120 and Bent 100 have been completely redesigned. A new playful HRZN 3D tip and tail increases surface area to allow the ski to float better in powder and ski more playfully in natural and varied terrain. The new Bent Chetler 120 is made of more wood and significantly less fiberglass, resin and metal. The result? An average reduction of 13% in CO2 equivalent emissions. And this is just the start. From now on, Atomic is committed to conducting LCAs on every product redesign so that every new construction provides an opportunity not only to improve performance but to reduce impact, too.

A best-selling ski that goes everywhere and skis everything, the wildly versatile Atomic Bent 100 is a do-everything ski. Rooted in freeride with a side of all-mountain and a dash of art by Chris Benchetler, the celebrated Bent 100 has been reimagined from tip to tail. Incorporating performance feedback from Atomic athletes, the new Bent 100 features a Light Woodcore and new profile with 5% more rocker for more tail pop and easier transitioning to switch.

Surf, stomp, boost, slash. The freeride performance of Bent turns every slope and terrain feature into an opportunity to create a signature run.


Designed in collaboration with backcountry experts like Amie Engerbretson, Chris Rubens and Matthias Haunholder, the latest collection of Atomic Backland FR skis features a lower-impact construction that is meticulously crafted for more soulful skiing performance while being weight optimized for uphill efficiency.

Built for spirited, big mountain, backcountry skiing, the Backland 109 offers better float and more touring efficiency in a light weight, lower-impact construction. FreeTour Profile uses more poplar wood, less metal, less fiberglass and resin to create a more harmonious flex pattern for lively performance. The 109mm waist combined with a lightweight HRZN 3D tip produces more float in deep snow and a full ash wood inlay provides added security under the binding. A poplar and caruba Ultra Light Woodcore offers the ideal balance of low weight and optimum performance.

Powder Rocker delivers a pronounced tip and tail with camber underfoot for effortless, playful maneuverability in powder, crud, and chop. By utilizing more low-carbon raw materials, the design reduces environmental waste and CO2 equivalent emissions by 26% (compared with the Backland 100, 2022). Inspired by Chris Rubens, it’s the ideal balance of performance and weight that makes this the ultimate freeride touring ski.

A new era of freeride touring skis, designed for big mountain adventure, other new Backland FR skis include the Backand 102, Backland 108 W, and Backland 101 W, each offering big freeride float and efficient touring in a lightweight, lower-impact construction.

Photo by Cam McLeod

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