Category: Lengths: 169, 176, 183, 189
Dimensions: 132/98/120
Radius: 16m
MSRP: $699
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"If I had to own only one ski, the Salomon QST 98 might just be it. It was fun, playful and damp, yet responsive while carving groomers, and arced big and little turns according to what I wanted out of the terrain. My favourite moment on it came during a 15-centimetre powder day, when I was skiing down a soft, chopped-up run and it chewed through everything in sight while being extremely smooth at speed. The shape of the shovel initially looked weird to me, but I found it provided better flotation in deeper snow versus the tip of a normal 98-millimetre-underfoot ski. And it may be worth noting that the 183-centimetre length I tested was a good five to 10 centimetres longer than I normally ski, but it didn’t feel like too much, so an advanced to expert skier may want to consider sizing up." –Sarah Jones

Reviewer’s Rating: On Piste: 10/10 • Off Piste: 10/10
Average Rating: On Piste: 8.5/10 • Off Piste: 8/10


Sarah Jones
Age: 26 / Height: 5’4” / Weight: 120 lbs / Occupation: Wildland Firefighter
Sarah Jones is hands down the hottest skier to come out of Saskatchewan since Sarah Jones. A farm girl who grew up arcing picture-perfect race turns in the Prairies, these days she still scoots home a couple times a year from her adopted haunt of Revelstoke to raise one cow a summer, and then sell it: a tight little racket that funds her ski adventures. She’s also one of the brave souls who battles back B.C.’s summer wildfires. As such, she’s got more grit than a gopher, and is at least twice as fast. Her favourite kind of skiing is ripping long, fluid turns down perfect corduroy, or perfect pow, at top speed, where her honed technique can shine.

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