Category: All Mountain
Lengths: 171, 178, 185
Dimensions: 126/91/116
Radius: 17m @ 178
MSRP: $800
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"Fischer has a long history in skiing, and throughout that time the company has always stuck to the core principles of what makes a ski work—that's certainly the case here. The Ranger 92 Ti leans heavily on tradition, right up to the tip, where a long, low, carbon rocker zone lifts the nose just enough so it doesn't get hung up. That has the effect of giving clearance to a hard-charging piste ski: uneven terrain gets gobbled up under the rocker, while the rest of the ski continues to carve (from the tail), like a traditional GS ski. But the rocker didn’t feel like a compromise, or like there was any edge hold missing. Drive from the heels, power the edge, and don't worry about small chunks or uneven grooming—this ski keeps on trucking, with its nose proudly in the air." –Matt Coté

Reviewer’s Rating: On Piste: 8/10 • Off Piste: 4/10
Average Rating: On Piste: 7.5/10 • Off Piste: 6/10


Matt Coté
Age: 39 / Height: 5’7” / Weight: 155 lbs / Occupation: Contributing Editor of Forecast Ski Magazine
Forecast’s most diligent (and only) second set of eyes, Matt Coté grew up shralping the maple forests of Quebec’s Eastern Townships. A freelance adventure journalist at large, he’s now settled in Revelstoke. With a background in competitive big mountain skiing, and a few years on the judges’ panel, Coté’s taste in skis has softened with age. He used to like a long, stiff, fat, fully rockered plank that smashes like a freight train. Now that he spends most of his time ski touring, he prefers a 180-centimetre, medium-flex, cambered ski with about an 18-metre turn radius, and a 108- to 118-millimetre waist. His favourite type of skiing is steeps—Alps style.

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