2024 Salomon Stance 102 Video Review

Tech Details

Salomon Stance 102
All Mountain
Length Tested: 183
Lengths: 176, 183, 190
Dimensions: 134/102/121
Radius: 23m
MSRP: $900
More Info: salomon.com

Test Notes

With a classic shape and straightforward flex, I knew I could call the Salomon Stance 102 “ol’ trusty” at first sight. If I were sent to the mountains blindfolded and clueless about what type of snow conditions awaited me, I would not be the least bit concerned with having this ski draped over my shoulder. The Stance is a daily driver through and through, and while I found it was most at home in tight trees and on groomers, I would happily take it anywhere on the mountain. It was lively, yet not stiff enough to make me pucker, and the snappy flex and touch of rocker allowed me to transition from turn-to-turn with ease, all while retaining the full-throttled power of its more traditional, directional shape that any intermediate to advanced skier would enjoy. —Sean Ennis

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  • Responsive and snappy.
  • Reliable in all types of terrain.
  • Excels everywhere on the mountain.


  • A tiny bit of tip chatter at high speed in crud.
  • Would prefer something wider on a really deep day.

What type of terrain is the Salomon Stance 102 best suited for?

This ski excels everywhere on the mountain, but particularly in tight trees and on groomed runs.

What type of snow conditions is the Salomon Stance 102 best suited for?

This ski was happiest in boot-deep powder.

What type of skier is the Salomon Stance 102 best suited for?

Intermediate to advanced skiers.

Sean Ennis

Age: 26
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 150 lbs
Occupation: Tree Planter
Years Skiing: 22
Preferred Ski Length: 180cm+
Preferred Ski Width: 104mm+ Underfoot
Preferred Terrain: Steeps
Preferred Condition: Powder

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This review was independently done and the views are that of the author.

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