2024 Line Chronic 101 Video Review

Tech Details

Line Chronic 101
Length Tested: 186
Lengths: 164, 171, 178, 186
Dimensions: 130/101/124
Radius: 16.6m @ 178
MSRP: $699.99
More info: lineskis.com

Test Notes

The all-new Line Chronic 101 was one of, if not the most exciting ski in the test for me. As the fresh out of the oven big brother to Line’s timeless and longest-tenured ski, the Chronic, I assumed it would simply serve as a wider, freestyle-focused companion to its narrower sibling. But it was so much more. While it certainly shined in air time-oriented environments such as the terrain park, rollers and side hits, what impressed me most about this lively and poppy ski was how aggressively it assaulted all types of terrain. Thanks to its thin and nimble tips, impressively beefy sidewalls and lengthy aspen-veneer core, whether it was laying trenches on soft or firm groomers, dancing through tight trees, or slicing and dicing deeper snow, the Chronic provided a perfect blend of confidence, playfulness and finesse. It did leave a bit to be desired in skied-out steeps, so hard-charging freeride skiers would be better off considering Line’s Blade Optic collection, but I’d bet dollars to donuts that anyone from an intermediate to expert skier who treats the mountain as their schoolyard playground would be as pleasantly surprised by this ski as I was. —Jeff Schmuck

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  • Nimble, lively and poppy.
  • Charges confidently through chopped-up snow conditions.
  • A playful ski that will put a smile on the face of anyone who skis it.


  • Left a bit to be desired in overly steep terrain with challenging snow conditions.
  • A more traditional freeride-oriented skier may find it too soft and springy.

What type of terrain is the Line Chronic 101 best suited for?

Groomers, low to mid-angled glades and the terrain park.

What type of snow conditions is the Line Chronic 101 best suited for?

Everything from hard pack to soft snow and boot-high pow.

What type of skier is the Line Chronic 101 best suited for?

A playful intermediate, advanced or expert skier.

Jeff Schmuck

Age: 42
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 180 lbs
Occupation: Editor of Forecast Ski Magazine
Years Skiing: 40
Preferred Ski Length: 180-185cm
Preferred Ski Width: 100-110mm Underfoot
Preferred Terrain: Trees & Pillows
Preferred Conditions: Powder

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This review was independently done and the views are that of the author.

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