2024 Head Oblivion 102 Video Review

Tech Details

Head Oblivion 102
Length Tested: 181
Lengths: 173, 181, 189
Dimensions: 135/102/125 @ 181
Radius: 22.8m @ 181
MSRP: $769.99
More Info: head.com

Test Notes

As a die-hard big mountain skier, I will admit that I initially shied away from the idea of heading high into the hills with a 102-millimetre underfoot, twin-tipped, park-esque pair of planks under my feet. In proper defiance, I opted to not even look at the terrain park and aimed straight for some steep trees to see what this ski could wrangle. And to my pleasant surprise and delight, the Head Oblivion 102’s width and mounting point provided incredible manoeuvrability in tight spots, and gave me the right amount of confidence to nail every transition and thread the needle at an aggressive pace. The turn radius and flex felt extremely smooth, which allowed the ski to simply turn with ease, and when I ventured into some lower-angle and more playful terrain, it really came alive. This ski’s light and poppy feeling had me reminiscing about spring park days as a teen, while my now older and refined taste allowed me to really appreciate the Oblivion’s well-rounded performance. —Sean Ennis

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  • Easy turn initiation.
  • Smooth and consistent flex.
  • Nimble, manoeuvrable and poppy.


  • Felt a tad narrow for anything deeper than boot-high pow.
  • Left a bit to be desired in boilerplate, off-piste conditions.

What type of terrain is the Head Oblivion 102 best suited for?

Steep trees, wide-open bowls, groomers and the terrain park.

What type of snow conditions is the Head Oblivion 102 best suited for?

Soft snow, choppy conditions and boot-deep pow.

What type of skier is the Head Oblivion 102 best suited for?

Someone who loves skiing park, but is looking to dip their toes in all-mountain terrain.

Sean Ennis

Age: 26
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 150 lbs
Occupation: Tree Planter
Years Skiing: 22
Preferred Ski Length: 180cm+
Preferred Ski Width: 104mm+ Underfoot
Preferred Terrain: Steeps
Preferred Condition: Powder

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This review was independently done and the views are that of the author.

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