Fischer Ranger 102
Category: Freeride
Length Tested: 183
Lengths: 155, 162, 169, 176, 183, 190
Dimensions: 137/102/127
Radius: 18m
MSRP: $950
More Info:

Every now and again, a ski comes along where all you can think is, “I like this ski, I get this ski, and I think this ski gets me.” The Fischer Ranger 102 was one of those skis for me. I found this ski so intuitive and responsive to everything I wanted and needed it to do. Me: “Please let me keep up to the group and not crash into a tree.” Ranger: “Don’t worry, I shall be nimble and agile in tight spots, despite being five centimetres longer than your normal choice.” Me: “Please let me beat my boyfriend down this groomer so I don’t have to buy the beers.” Ranger: “I will go as fast as you want, while allowing you to stay confident and composed. I’m stable at speed, with metal where you need it.” Me: “Please let me ski this pow and not look like a fool under the chairlift.” Ranger: “With my 102-millimetre waist width, I float impeccably well, so you’ll enjoy those pow turns and slashes. And while you are a bit of a fool, at least you’re a fool having a great time on a pair of good-looking, teal-coloured skis.” —KATE VERHAGEN

Location: Red Mountain Resort in Rossland, B.C.

About This Tester:

Kate Verhagen
Age: 33 / Height: 5’10” / Weight: 158 lbs
Occupation: Geologist
Years Skiing: 32
Preferred Ski: 180cm Length / 105mm+ Underfoot
Preferred Terrain / Conditions: Well-Spaced Trees / Powder

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