Faction Dancer 2X
Category: All Mountain (Women’s)
Length Tested: 171
Lengths: 155, 163, 171, 177
Dimensions: 127/96/117
Radius: 15m @ 163
MSRP: $949.99
More Info:

I loved the playful nature of this ski. The Faction Dancer 2X was peppy, snappy and wanted to move just like its name describes. I found it particularly fun in corn snow and mixed conditions, where its responsiveness rewarded me for putting energy into it, but was still very forgiving when the terrain warranted it. I was also thoroughly impressed by how well this ski performed in powder for being 96 millimetres underfoot. It floated on the surface and remained lively, and never got bogged down by the additional friction. Overall, I would recommend the Dancer to an intermediate to advanced skier who likes to play off piste, as I had a blast taking it all over the mountain, and was unable to find a situation where it didn't make me want to jump around. —SALLY STEEVES

Location: Red Mountain Resort in Rossland, B.C.

About This Tester:

Sally Steeves
Age: 26 / Height: 5’5” / Weight: 120 lbs
Occupation: Electrical Engineer
Years Skiing: 25
Preferred Ski: 174cm Length / 112mm Underfoot
Preferred Terrain / Conditions: Technical Steeps & Trees / Powder & Corn

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