Now that the year’s latest and greatest skis are arriving at your local ski shop, in an effort to help determine which planks may be best suited for you, Forecast is proud to present the second annual installment of our ski test.

To help make The People’s Ski Test a reality again, we reached out to our brand partners as the snow began to fly last winter, and asked each of the companies that opted in to choose three pairs of skis to send to the test’s renowned venue: Red Mountain Resort in Rossland, British Columbia. We then mustered a team of testers that included our editor and 11 die-hard local skiers who possess the knowledge and ability to ascertain and communicate which skis work well for them, and why, but who work regular jobs outside of the ski industry, thus eliminating any and all potential bias and/or hidden agendas from their impartial reviews. And best of all: as opposed to having less than a week—or in some cases only a couple of runs—to ski on them, they had over a month, which allowed each ski to be thoroughly tested in a variety of different types of snow conditions and terrain.

Red Mountain Resort. Photo by Stacked Films

Then, once the bull wheels stopped spinning at big Red, we determined which testers liked which skis best, and asked them to provide reviews in both written and video form (with the latter consisting of detailed product shots and information plus POV footage of the skis being put to good use), which we’ll be rolling out 30 of on and our YouTube channel tomorrow, along with our social media channels over the course of this month. And while there were skis that ultimately did and didn’t stand out for some testers, we’ve purposefully avoided pitting them against each other in some form of head-to-head competition, be it ratings or awards, because while certain skis may not work for a few, they may be perfect for countless others. So although no one should consider The People’s Ski Test, or any ski test for that matter, the be-all-end-all, we hope that you’ll see it for what it’s intended it to be: a relatable, informative and most of all honest look at some of the year’s most exciting choices in skiing.

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