Full Stack Supply Co., the parent company of Faction Skis, FW Apparel and United Shapes Snowboarding, has unveiled phaenom, the hotly anticipated outdoor footwear brand set to release a collection of freestyle & freeride ski boots for winter 2023/24.

This news is accompanied by a new website and Instagram page, including a first sneak peek at the upcoming products.

As part of the unveiling, a limited run of 200 boots will be delivered this month (March 2023) to the phaenom cohort; a community network of designers, athletes and specialist stores. Expect to catch a glimpse of these first boots on the hill this spring.

The public also have chance to receive one of the first 200 boots, via a community seeding program phaenom are hosting with Newschoolers, while a full commercial launch is anticipated for next winter 2023/24.

For more information on phaenom, visit phaenom-footwear.com.

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