Category: Touring
Length Tested: 178
Lengths: 162, 170, 178, 184
Dimensions: 130/95/115 @ 178
Radius: 21m @ 178
MSRP: $879.95
More Info:


With more and more people heading out into the backcountry, and advancements in equipment making it that much easier to do so, Scott has built a user-friendly ski for those starting to venture off the beaten track. At 95 millimetres underfoot, the Superguide 95 is a bit more slender than what most backcountry skiers have in their quiver, but its narrower width makes it an easy ski to just hop on and go. The early rise tip and tail give it great all-terrain ability, and it felt most at home in softer snow, where it really came alive. Scott has also beefed this ski up with stiff carbon stringers, which provides some muscle when it’s time to put a little more butter on the biscuit. As a result, its got the strength to defiantly hold up in cruddy conditions when the terrain demands it. And it’s light! At only 1,440 grams in the 178-centimetre length, the Superguide 95 would be an ideal choice for big, multi-pitch days or traverses. —DYLAN STRELIOFF

About This Reviewer:

Dylan Strelioff
Age: 41
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 165 lbs
Occupation: Rope Access Welder
Preferred Ski: 90-100mm Underfoot / 180-186cm Length

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