Category: Freeride
Length Tested: 186
Lengths: 178, 186, 194
Dimensions: 138/112/127
Radius: 17m @ 186
MSRP: $899.95
More Info:


I had the privilege of skiing the Salomon QST Blank in a variety of conditions, which was great, because that really is the best way to showcase this ski’s multi-faceted abilities. While the quest for the quiver killer will never truly be over, the Blank is a decisive step in that direction. Its ideal rocker profile and tapered tip and tail lent it the versatility one looks for in an all-mountain ski. It popped out of the pow and manoeuvred easily off piste, but there’s still enough camber left over to cut trenches in the corduroy when you get the urge. And while it isn’t brutally stiff, it’s firm enough for the stability that I’ve come to expect out of this style of ski. It held up on big airs and at high speed, and I got the most joy out of this ski darting through glades and hunting for pillows. And with a surprisingly short turning radius of just 17 metres, the QST Blank was as fun and playful as it was reliable. —JOHN TRUDEN

About This Reviewer:

John Truden
Age: 31
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 180 lbs
Occupation: Ski Patroller
Preferred Ski: ~115mm Underfoot / ~188cm Length

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