Category: Freeride
Length Tested: 186
Lengths: 172, 179, 186
Dimensions: 131/98/119
Radius: 18m
MSRP: $799.99
More Info:


I was both curious and excited to try this ski, because I’ve owned its wider counterpart, the Vision 108, for a few years now. And to my delight, but not surprise (given how good its sibling has been to me), it didn’t disappoint. As one of the lightest and most springy skis I’ve been on, the Line Vision 98 was ridiculously fun and easy to slash, carve, pop and manoeuvre all over the mountain, and was the most playful ski I tried in the test. It felt most alive on soft groomers and in glades with boot-high pow, where it seemed to have a gravitational pull towards popping off of any rollers and side hits in sight. Due to the fun-loving nature of this ski, I feel it would be best suited for an intermediate to advanced skier who looks at the mountain like a playground, or someone who’s searching for a touring ski with a little less width, but a whole lot of zest. —JEFF SCHMUCK

About This Reviewer:

Jeff Schmuck
Age: 42
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 180 lbs
Occupation: Editor of Forecast Ski Magazine
Preferred Ski: 100-112mm Underfoot / 180-185cm Length

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