In case you missed the big news at the dawn of this year, as part of their Ride Free campaign, our friends at Rossignol completely revamped their entire freeride collection of skis by retiring the long-running and award-winning 7 Series in favour of an expansion of their previously under-the-radar Blackops line.

To commemorate and continue to spread the word on this exciting change, we’ve teamed up with Rossignol and its marquee Canadian big mountain sender, Logan Pehota, to offer you the chance to win a pair of any Blackops ski of your choosing.

Logan Pehota freewheeling on the Rossignol Blackops Gamer at Snowwater Heliskiing, B.C. Photo by Blake Jorgenson

To enter, scan this page closely to determine how many times the words Rossignol, Blackops and Pehota appear, then follow @rossignolfreeride, @loganpehota and @forecastski on Instagram, and direct-message your tally to @forecastski. If you’re correct (and live in North America), your username will be tossed into a hat for a random draw, and the winner will receive a badass set of Blackops before the snow starts to fly. Good luck, and for more information on Rossignol’s Blackops line and the Ride Free campaign, be sure to visit

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