West Coast Session 10: The Final Offer

Ecclesiastes teaches us that there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. For the past ten years, the first week of May has been the time to head for Mount Hood for the West Coast Session, an unconventional and improbable ski event that has become a cult classic for many of the world’s top young skiers.

West coast session concludes   hood
Mount Hood, home of the West Coast Session. Photo by Matt Stauble

It has been a time of joy for the hundreds of skiers, filmers, photographers and fans who have flocked to the slopes of Hood to enjoy the Session’s offerings: next-level terrain features in the parks at Timberline, unparalleled accommodation and skate facilities at Windells Camp, and a week of uninhibited shredding, filming and pleasant evenings in good company.

West coast session concludes   tow
A Timber Line. Photo by Matt Stauble

Alas, this time has now found its end: in 2016, the tenth anniversary of the West Coast Session was also its last iteration. But the final WCS went out in fine fashion, with a bigger crew than ever before (close to a hundred invited skiers and media), a massive 85-foot private jump at Timberline, and a mountain full of other diversions for the freestyle-minded.

West coast session concludes   watch
Nicky Keefer conducts the train. Photo by Pablo Varela

They came, they saw, they shredded. From the huge money booter, to the Down-Flat-Down to S challenge rail, to the sidecountry “Guac Bowl” feature, to the skate parks at Windells — WCS10 lacked no amenities for fun-having.

West coast session concludes   will
West Coast Session mainstay Will Wesson. Photo by Matt Stauble

After a week full of action, WCS10 concluded on Friday, May 6 with a raucous Closing Ceremonies which honored the best performers of the week. Here are the “winners” of WCS10 — although at this event, everyone is a winner.

West coast session concludes   dylan
Move over Superman. Dylan Ferguson. Photo by Jamie Walter
Instagram Contest Winners

#WCS180: Mike King - 180 taipan tweak
#WCSgrab: Maks Gorham - 360 cuban
#WCSgrind: Charlie Lasser - 270 out of the DFD-S
#WCScork: Stainus
#WCS10: Reed Lewis - Double front flip Superman

WCS10 Award Winners

Rookie (Presented by PICTURE): Corey Jackson (Runner-up: Ethan Swadburg)
King Meat: Reed Lewis (Runner-up: Dean Bercovitch)
All Day Syndrome: Max Moffatt
Repeat Offender: Pako Benguerel
The Worm: Evan Lai-Hipp (Runner-up: Blaine)
Best Trick: Colby Stevenson — triple cork 1440 / 270 on, front swap, pretzel 450 on the DFD-S
MVP: Colby Stevenson

West coast session concludes   colby
WCS MVP Colby Stevenson. Photo by Emily Tidwell
(Last week, WCS10 MVP and Best Trick winner Colby Stevenson was involved in a serious car accident while traveling from the Session. The latest reports indicate that Colby is already on his way to a full recovery, but we ask that everyone send their thoughts and prayers to Colby and his family during this difficult time.)

WCS10 may be over, but we aren’t quite finished offering yet — team edits and shots from our Photo Contest will still be dropping at westcoastsession.com and on our social channels throughout the summer, so stay tuned.

West coast session concludes   max
Max Moffatt sends West Coast Session off into the sunset. Photo by Chris Lisle

“It’s been an incredible ten years of Sessions, and now it’s time for us to quit while we’re ahead,” says WCS founder Ethan Stone. “I can’t believe the following we have gathered and all of the support that has grown behind this event. We never could have made it happen without everyone who rallied alongside us to make WCS what it is — so thank you, you know who you are.”

West coast session concludes   group
Curtain Call. Photo by Jamie Walter

The West Coast Session is very thankful to the hosts and sponsors of WCS10: Timberline, Windells Camp, PICTURE Organic Clothing, Hillcrest Sports, Treefort Lifestyles, Pisten Bully, Buff and Wizardz Wax.

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