Welcome to Our Internet

We officially joined the Internet this morning, which is a big deal. After about a month of tinkering around on the backend of this site while dicking around on our social media channels, we’re ready to pull back the curtains on forecastski.com. We’re still getting a handle on it, but we’re pretty convinced this Internet thing is going to be big for us. 

Usually when multimedia dirtbags like ourselves make such bold moves, they hold press conferences—a welcome party to show off at. We thought that would be a great idea to celebrate the launch of our website, but in the spirit of the current Canadian government, we decided not to allow any reporters at our press conference, and better yet, we—Forecast Editor Jeff Schmuck and Associate Editor Travis Persaud—decided to ask ourselves our own questions. Eat your hearts out. We hope and trust that this impromptu press conference that essentially happened in confines of our own warped minds proves informative, but if not, feel free to use the pages of Issue 1 (which drops later this week at iF3) to dry your tears.

What is Forecastski.com?

Forecastski.com is the online manifestation of Forecast Ski Magazine. It’s your best bet for a daily serving of all that’s great in skiing, from Canada and beyond. Whether you’re interested in staying on top of skiing’s new hotness or you just like a good old-fashioned long read on making turns, Forecastski.com has got what you need.

How does the Internet work and why are you here?

We’re tree-felling magazine guys, so we don’t actually know all that much about the workings of the Internet, but from what we’ve gathered, the Internet—sometimes referred to as the Information Highway—is a series of tubes that was designed some time in the latter half of the 1900s to traffic human beings, drugs and military secrets. As civilization advanced, scientists figured out that it was also possible to listen to the radio, watch television and read magazines on the line. In a nutshell, we suppose we’re here because we want to deliver our readers a multimedia dimension to their daily cravings for the stories, photos and videos from the inside and outside of the Canadian ski world.

Aren’t print magazines becoming super trendy and replacing the Internet? How are you planning to survive in this dying online medium?

It’s true that independent publishing is super en vogue right now and that print magazines are again seen as an important way to deliver words and ideas to people’s faces. Will we see a time when the Internet no longer exists and everyone just relies on print for their reading pleasures and necessities? Probably not, but we can’t know. Mediums tend to adapt to hone in on their strengths as they face competition from other mediums. Did horses replace cars? Nope. All that aside, if you want to purchase a subscription to our print magazine, we'd like that. 

I want you to publish my home ski video on your Internet. Will you?

Yes. Absolutely. We’re men of discerning taste, but if you think your homemade ski video is worthy of some real estate on our Internet, then shoot Travis an email at travis@forecastski.com, because Jeff is usually too busy watching VH1’s Behind The Music on Motley Crue, over and over again.

I’ve been on the Internet before and I’ve seen that people sometimes post photos of naked ladies online. Will you be one of those websites?

You’re right. If you look for it, it is possible to find pornography on some people’s Internets. Our Internet will not be one of those Internets. That being said though, sometimes our illustrator Ralph draws cartoon women bare-chested, but usually we tell him that we can’t publish those drawings. We’d like to reiterate here that our Internet will showcase all things in Canadian skiing.

That is all the questions we will be taking at this point. Thank you for your time!

We’re all in this together, so if you have any further questions about how the Internet works or if you want to know where our favourite pow stashes are, email us at jeff@forecastski.com & travis@forecastski.com

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