Vincent Gagnier Talks His Favourite Ski Movies and Segments of All Time

Words: Travis Persaud

It’s movie season, which means that everyone is talking about the new hotness—like Jesus. H. Christ, did that guy in the Legs of Steel trailer do a quad cork? I know the answer, Vinny knows the answer, but we ain’t saying shit. Vinny was willing talk about something though, and that’s the greatest ski films and ski film segments of all time. Vinny has an honorary PhD in ski movies, so take notes. 

Top three favourite ski movie segments of all-time? 

It's very hard to only list 3 segments, they are so many that I forgot or could have put….They are not in order of one, two, then three: they are all equal for me.

  • Vinni Dorion/JF Cusson in Happy Days
  • Corey Vanular in Shanghai Six

  • Mickael Deschenaux/Dave Crichton in Stereotype 

I could watch those and get stoked on skiing for the rest of my life.

Top five ski movies of all-time? 

  • Propaganda
  • 13
  • Happy Days
  • Session 1242
  • X=Ten

Yes, all PBP, what can I say? That’s what I grew up watching the most. From the skiers, the evolution throughout the years and the soundtracks, PBP will never be matched.

Three of the most underrated ski movie segments of all-time? 

  • Frank Raymond in Save 
  • Josh Bibby in Skimatic 
  • Antoine Gagnier in Beaver Tale

All three OG's. 

Three of the most well-rounded ski movie segments of all-time? 

  • Dane Tudor in The Grand Bizarre
  • Parker White in After Dark
  • Tanner Hall in Pop Yer Bottles

I can’t believe I didn’t list Sammy, what’s wrong with me...

Three segments you’d show someone you had to school on the history of freeskiing?

  • Pep Fujas in Session 1242
  • JF Cusson in Propaganda  
  • Candide Thovex in Happy Days 

Three legends who changed the sport forever.

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