Today's Parks CANVAS Presented by The North Face

Photos by Eric Lamothe

Recently, the crew from Today’s Parks teamed up with The North Face, Red Bull Canada, Prinoth Snowgroomers and Coastal Jibs to host a throwdown for the ages at Stoneham, Quebec.

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The event, Today’s CANVAS, aimed to provide a high-quality set up that included a solid jump and rail garden in an effort to close down the season in style while showcasing the knowledge of Today’s Parks.

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Thanks to the collaborative help of The North Face, who presented this edition of the event, those in attendance were able to enjoy being outside while braving some harsh weather over the course of the first two days, via camping out in The North Face’s iconic dome tents, barbecuing (special thanks to Chef Frank April) and spending time with friends.

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Working with such a genuine brand that supports both skiing and snowboarding gave the Today’s Parks crew the ability to offer an unique environment, where athletes from different horizons could share the same playground for the sake of pushing their limits and scoring stunning shots.

Today park canvas recap abm
Alex Beaulieu-Marchand
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On hand for the three days of festivities were some of the most top-notch skiers and snowboarders in the nation, including Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, Alex Bellemare, Emile Bergeron, Vincent Prévost and the legendary JF Houle on the ski side of things, while Seb Toots, Cole Navin, Craig Gouweloos, Frank April, Dillon Ojo, Anto Chamberland and Frank Bourgeois rounded things out for the snowboarders.

Today park canvas recap emile bergeron
Emile Bergeron
Today park canvas recap vince prevost
Vincent Prévost

The fiercest feature was a multi-faced 75-foot tabletop (that also featured a giant quarterpipe with a Red Bull rail sitting on top), which allowed the athletes to push the envelope by hitting it head on or aiming for one of the double-sided hip landings, while the bottom portion of the course consisted of a rail garden surrounded by a tent city, which offered additional opportunities to lay down creative lines.

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As the days went on and the weather kept getting better, a number of additional athletes were invited to partake in the final day on the fun factory before it came time for the curtain call.

Today park canvas recap jacob belanger
Jacob Belanger
Today park canvas recap phillipe boily doucet
Phillipe Boily-Doucet

Hats off to the hard-working crew at Today’s Parks for making this happen, along with everyone at The North Face, Red Bull Canada, Station Touristique Stoneham, Prinoth Snowgroomers and Coastal Jibs for the love and the support.

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