Matt Coté Joins Forecast as Associate Editor

Hot on the heels of our preview of Issue 2.1, we’re excited to announce some additional big news: Matt Coté has joined Forecast as our new Associate Editor.

Matt cote announcement portrait
A face any mother could love.

Coté, who concurrently serves as Managing Editor of Kootenay Mountain Culture (one of finest outdoor magazines in the country) and has been penning and editing ski, adventure and mountain culture-based stories for over a dozen publications for the last decade, came on board during the summer to begin working on Volume 2, and hit the ground running like he was being chased by Wile E. Coyote.

“I’m stoked to lend my voice to a magazine that has such big things in store for it,” says Coté. “The people behind Forecast and King Network are at the very top of the industry, and it’s amazing to be a part of such a finely tuned machine that represents and shapes action sports in Canada.”

Matt cote announcement hike 1
Mount Henry MacLeod, Alberta. Photo by Chris Brazeau

As anyone who knows him and/or has skied with him can attest, Coté is an absolute beast in the backcountry. He ski tours for breakfast, scales oxygen-deprived peaks for lunch, and isn’t afraid to party naked for dinner.

“I come from a big mountain freeskiing background, and used to compete in Canada,” he says. “Eventually the call of skiing big, remote mountains swept me up, so now I spend a lot of time ski touring and mountaineering. I’ve always believed that it’s all skiing, and I’m interested in stories about any part of sliding on snow.”

Matt cote announcement ski
Scotland. Photo by Bruno Long
“I’m happier than a grizzly bear in a garbage can to have Matt as my partner-in-crime,” says Jeff Schmuck, Editor of Forecast. “He works as hard and has as much fun with the written word as he does in the mountains, and isn’t afraid to assertively assail me for my abundance of adjectives and alliteration. It’s too bad he didn’t edit this quote though.”

“Matt brings a renewed level of energy and professionalism to Forecast that will surely speak for itself,” says Ryan Stutt, Founder of King Network and Publisher of Forecast. “He’s already been a tremendous addition to the King family, and will without question help Forecast continue to be the most well-rounded ski publication in the industry.”

Coté’s arrival comes following the departure of Travis Persaud, who moved on in the spring to take a job working with Red Bull, and whom everyone at Forecast and King Network would like to take the time to thank for his dedication and hard work, along with wishing him all the best in his future endeavours.

Matt cote announcement hike 2
Freshfield Icefield, Alberta. Photo by Mike Cattie

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Coté’s smoothly written words in Issue 2.1 of Forecast, which is available in ski shops and on major newsstands across Canada now.

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