Low Pressure Podcast - Khai Krepala

On a recent episode of the Low Pressure Podcast, Mark Warner sat down with Khai Krepala during SIA in Denver, just after he finished filming for X Games Real Ski. The event features six athletes (including Khai, Magnus Graner, Henrik Harlaut, LJ Strenio, Tom Wallisch, Will Wesson), who had just two months (from November 15th - January 15th of this season) to put together a 90-second edit of their best street skiing for a chance at an X Games gold medal. The videos are due to be released online later today for the public to vote on the People's Choice Award, while the full behind the scenes show (which will include the announcement of the medalists) is airing on World of X Games on ABC on February 15th.
On this episode (which you can listen to below), Khai discusses his experience competing in the prestigious and exlclusive event for his first time, along with his love of fishing, his landscaping side job, and a trip he's currently on in Sweden and Finland with Good Company. Enjoy, and to listen to all past, present and future episodes of the Low Pressure Podcast, visit lowpressurepodcast.com.
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