Introducing Volume 2 of Forecast

Since it’s getting to be “that time of year again”, we’re proud to present the cover of Issue 1 of Volume 2 of Canada’s ski magazine, Forecast. The almighty front purple page features Todd Avison at Snowwater Heli Skiing, B.C. as shot by the talented Geoff Holman.

Forecast 2.1 cover image

Inside you’ll find our 2017 Gear Guide, a look at the most tantalizing ski resorts in the Great White North, hilarity-filled features on skiing B.C. by Greyhound (yep, you read that right) and a Canadian chasing the American Dream in Aspen, Colorado, plus Riley Leboe musing about the merits of keeping good company in the backcountry (and why you should listen), profiles on KC Deane, Phil Casabon, Taylor Wilson, Burrrlapz and much, much more.

Look for it in your local ski shop and on major newsstands across Canada in the coming week, and if you're not already subscribed, get on it by clicking here

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