Infliks Talks "The Unseen"

If you've enjoyed previous Inflik projects like Doorstep Project, you'll notice a fresh new flavour with the company's latest offering, The Unseen. A big part of that new flavour is the handy work of skier Zam Matchett, the lone American involved in the crew. Matchett has other-worldly flow in front of the lens and a knack for illustrations and animation. 

Forecast caught up with Inflik stalwart Kaleb Weston and Zam about the new flick. Drop in below. 

Kaleb, how was work today? Where are you punching your timecard these days?
Weston: Work today was the usual unorganized shit show that is construction. I've punched over 1000 hours in the three prairies this summer, and not a day goes by that I'm not thinking of shredding. 

To make Doorstep Project, you guys spent almost six months in an RV. Did you miss the it while filming for The Unseen? 
Weston: Ah yes, the Moho. It was nice not being in the little motorhome this year, but at times it was missed. 

I think you guys know every street spot in B.C., so where did you shoot last winter
Weston: There are always more spots to be found. I feel like we've barely seen the tip of the iceberg as far as spots in B.C. The Unseen was shot mainly in Kamloops, Revelstoke and some surrounding areas. 

From the Doorstep Project to The Unseen, one of the most noticeable changes is Zam’s increased presence. Kaleb, where’d you find the guy? And what did he bring to the project this year? 
Weston: I met Zam at Snow Park NZ in 2012. We shot an edit together down there and I was always bugging him to come up to B.C. His appearance in the Doorstep Project was cut short due a bloody injury that left him with six massive stitches on his leg. This year he came up and just never left. He was insanely motivated and often times would do overnight builds by himself. 

What planet does Zam gets his flow from? 
Zam: Not this one...

Who worked on editing the soundtrack and how did Quasimoto come to have such a big part in the project?
Zam: Wiz and I edited the soundtrack together. We knew we wanted to mix up the music often, and Madlib’s forever changing beats made it easy and natural to do so.  It was a lot of fun puzzling pieces and parts of Quasimoto songs into the soundtrack we were looking for. 

Weston: Zam brought Quasimoto to the table and we pondered about it for a while. After deciding that it would be a Zam project, the decision was made to go with a full Lord Quas soundtrack to suit. 

Let’s talk about the house where a lot of the film is shot. Who has the keys to that bad boy and what’s the backstory?
Weston: The Acres is Jake Teuton and the Goon Squad's egg. It's an old farm house with a 32 acre yard in Revelstoke. Keep your eyes peeled: The Acres is gonna blow up. 

You’re not afraid to step out from behind the lens to grab a few shots of your own when the time comes. Can we expect a Kaleb Weston street segment anytime soon?

Weston: I'm always keen to put the boots on and get after it. I've gotten a handful of clips over the years, but unfortunately I took a bail this year that made me take some time off and focus solely on filming. Maybe in the future...

Inflik created a limited release of The Unseen on VHS, which ties into the off-hill storyline of the movie. Do you have a secret market of luddites wanting to watch the film? Or is VHS going to become the vinyl record to filmmaking? 
Weston: It was always a dream of mine to make a VHS tape of a film. It just made sense to make the real version of what we created in the basement story. We did a giveaway on Newschoolers for a couple copies, and the rest are going to friends and family. 

Zam: Vinyl, VHS tapes, and broken skis are the only material items I collect...

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