Here's What We Almost Put on the Cover of Our Third Issue

The almost issue three
The Almost, issue 1.3.

WHEN WE OPENED Reuben Krabbe’s photo submission from his trip to Saskatchewan with writer Leah Schietel for the feature that we ran in issue three, we were hoping for one thing: a shot of a skier being pulled by a horse. As you can tell by that issue's cover, Reuben did not deliver. It’s fine, we’re not mad. But seriously, guy can go all the way to Svalbard and get a once-in-a-lifetime photo of skiers ripping with a total solar eclipse in the background, but he can’t deliver on one stupid photo of a stupid horse from the Land of the Living Skies? Like we said, it’s fine. We’re not mad. Actually, we kind of are, so we asked our illustrator Real Ralph to whip up a little something for us in memoriam of what should have been. A landscape so flat you can still see your dog days after he ran away, a big ass barn, a cross-eyed horse and a forlorn skier: everyday occurrences in Saskatchewan (pronounced Skatchewin by the local prairie doggs). —THE EDITORS

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