Here’s What We Almost Put on Our Second Cover

The almost issue 2
Illustration by Ralph Damman

Skiers can be a bit pea-brained when it comes to international travel. Let’s consider Japan as an example, since this issue turned out to be something of a Japan issue. Sure, the snow is great, the food exotic and the people hospitable, but why haven’t we seen any sumo wrestler footage from the pilgrimage that essentially every film crew in skiing went on last year? In everyone’s efforts to “do something different” while all doing the same thing, nobody thought to bring a sumo wrestler on their trip? That, we fear, is a missed opportunity. Sure, it’s been done before (props Warren Miller!), but there’s always room for improvement. Could you image how deep Japow turns would look with the mass of a sumo wrestler chugging along under gravity’s influence? Dude would be so trenched that he’d probably land covers of ski magazines internationally. Hell, we’d put him on the cover. Alas, it didn’t happen. But if it did, this would have been it. — The Editors

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