Go behind the scenes of Rinse's Intersection edit

At this point in our Intersection behind-the-scenes series, you've probably come to realize that the weather presented each of the teams with a the best problem to have: it snowed too much. For Rinse Mega Corporation International (RMCI) principal Graeme Meiklejohn, the snow may have come as the strongest kick to the crotch. With the snow ruling out their original plan for the video, Meiklejohn and his team, including the likes of Mack Jones, Logan Short, Maude Raymond, Patty Slimmon and Corey Vanular, were forced to take things back to the drawing board in the middle of the film window. 

Forecast spend a day with RMCI during the Intersection film period and checked back in with Meiklejohn this week to chat about the curveballs his crew was thrown and how they made it out alive. 

For the so inclined, tickets are still available for Intersection tonight at the Whistler Conference Centre. 

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You had some curveballs thrown at you during the film period, no?
You know those situations where everything just falls into place perfectly without any planning? Just pretty much the exact opposite of that. It was definitely more of a “Oh, well this definitely isn’t going to work.”

I think you guys were the only group banking on it not snowing to shoot your video. Yeah, it snowed like a foot to a foot and a half everyday, and our original idea hinged entirely on it not snowing. And it needed to be shot entirely with my gimbal, then my gimbal broke on the second day.


I forgot how much fun you guys had. Yeah, we had a great time. Halfway through we thought about pulling out. And a bunch of riders that we were supposed to do it with ended up getting called to other projects and Colston VB just got sick. So yeah, a lot of curveballs. We ended up putting together something that was funny, but by no means what we were trying to accomplish.

And without giving too much away before tonight, is this new video going to be the start of your video blogging career? You know what? I hope so. I hope that after watching it, people will want to tune into my YouTube channel every week.

And like and subscribe? Like and subscribe.

Would you like to extend a special thank you to your teammate Patty Slimmon for playing XBox and cruising Reddit while you hustled to finish the video on your own? Definitely. Big shoutout to Patty Slimmon for just playing NHL pretty much whenever I tried to do anything.

And lastly, who are you most excited to see tonight? I’m excited to see all of them. I think The Big Picture guys are going to have crazy skiing because Parker White and Chris Logan are some of the best guys out there, and then I know that the KSM team will bring a level of production quality that will be pretty hard to match. 

Scroll through the gallery below for a behind the scenes look at The Big Picture's shenanigans in Whistler, and don't miss their video this Friday night at Intersection during the World Ski & Snowboard Festival.

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