We all have those friends, you know the ones that take everything to the next level, and when your home begs for constant adventure, why wouldn’t you? When the sky doesn’t pose any limitations, thanks to Blackcomb Helicopters—the opportunities for adventure are endless. Which doesn’t make a heli sauna skiing experience sound that crazy right? Gibbons Whistler considers themselves pretty lucky to work with Beacon Media Group—or the Beacon Brothers, as they call them. Together they’ve crafted some pretty wild adventures—remember when they went wakeboarding on a glacier? In our opinion, the Heli, Ski, Sauna video is potentially the most dreamy of them yet. But don't just take our word for it. Have a watch below to see for yourself.

One helicopter, one sauna, five kooks and Après Lager = #AlwaysGoodTimes


Gibbons Whistler is dedicated to crafting good times and facilitating standout memories for those that visit Whistler. Whether at a Gibbons venue, with their beer at a location of your choosing or simply providing inspiration for you to make your own adventure—Gibbons wants to make sure you experience the Whistler they love so much.

Photo by Abby Cooper

Are you watching this and wondering, “Can I do that?” The answer is yes. Option one, give Gibbons Whistler a shout and they can make a heli sauna ski adventure happen for you. Option two, make your own!

Photo by Abby Cooper

Word to the wise, you’ll need an engineer to sign off on any structure before it flies with Blackcomb Helicopters. Lucky for us, that’s where Kris Harris from the Beacon team steps in. His craftsmanship mindset, attention to detail and sense of good design combined with his drive for adventure are the perfect combination for Gibbons Whistler's video series. But it surely wouldn’t be a video series without the filmmaker. Cue introduction to Ryan Harris of the Beacon team. Ryan’s been making home movies since he was a kid, and boy they’ve come a long way. A true storyteller and visual artist, Ryan’s directing and editing, combined with Kris’s skill, mixed with Gibbons Whistler's wild streak for pushing limits, makes for some pretty good times. #AlwaysGoodTimes, in fact.


Photo by Abby Cooper

Pick up a copy of Issue 4.1 of Forecast this month to read more about the Beacon Brothers with an exclusive write-up on the making of the video, along with never seen before images.

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