Everybody Gets a Shoutout—iF3 Montreal Edition

Words: Travis Persaud | Photos courtesy of iF3

iF3 Montreal took the stage this weekend, which means that the first issue of Forecast is now out in the world and that my brain is still recovering from and trying to make sense of how much fun the annual festival was, yet again. Since iF3 is as much about handing out high fives as it is anything else, we figured we might as well hand some out here. Instead of a formal journalistic recount of the weekend's events, what you're about to read is a bunch of shoutouts. We hand'em out like Oprah hands out cars. 

Shoutouts in no particular order:

  • to everyone who picked up a copy of our first issue.
  • to everyone who put on a Forecast t-shirt throughout the weekend.
  • to Khai Krepela for having the best forearms I’ve ever seen. And for using them to help us carry some of the 500 mags we brought to Montreal. 
  • to 2015 iF3 Movie Awards co-host Reed Speedman for buying $40 worth of McDonald's after the award show, then bailing on the after party. 
  • to the Legs of Steel crew for putting together an amazing movie, then celebrating it all weekend with anyone and everyone. 
  • to the Trash Bar for mixing skateboarding and beer in the best way possible. 

  • to the dude in the Level 1 sweater for walking downtown Montreal on Saturday morning after the Hip Hop Party with only one shoe on.
  • to the K2 Ski Alliance for empowering women in the industry.
  • to TGR for using “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” in Tim Durtschi’s segment at Jackson.
  • to TGR for mic’ing up their athletes all the time.
  • to Angel Collinson for crossing back across her sluff path at Mach 6 in the opening shot of her segment. Keep charging. 
  • to Karl Fostvedt for doing a cork 900 with a backpack on in the Good Company Seven Springs park shoot. I'm not sure why you needed a backpack, but it was sick and I dig it. 
  • to Newschooler's Doug Bishop for single-handedly managing to ensure everyone had a good time all weekend long.
  • to the word "different" for getting trampled on by anyone charged with the task of describing a film this weekend. 
  • to Sean Pettit and the Super Proof Inc. crew for continuing to push their brand of filmmaking. 
  • to Tony Drop La Sauce for his drumming on Friday night at the hip-hop party: stupid name, but stupid good rhythm.

Hip hop party
Tony Drop la Sauce kicking it.

  • to JF Houle for cementing his status as a legend with Houligan: A Ski Story.
  • to Clayton Vila, Cam Riley and Sean Jordan for their candour in For Lack of Better.
  • to Level 1 for sticking to their guns and doing what they do best—having fun.
  • to Curtis Jackson for saving our disposable camera after Ski the North filmmaker Graeme Meiklejohn lost it. 
  • to Sandy Boville for his Scott Stevens trickery on that gymnastics matt in Small World.

A video posted by Sandy Boville (@sandyboville) on

  • to Spy Optics for driving a motorhome that looks like a moving psychedelic trip.
  • to Freeskier's Henrik Lampert for tearing up the dance floor day in, day out.
  • to iF3 for organizing a special tribute to JP Auclair featuring heartwarming videos selected by those closest to him.
  • to Marc-André Belliveau & Geneviève Charbonneau for performing their tribute song to JP, "Out There."

Jp tribute if3
Marc-André Belliveau and Geneviève Charbonneau mid performance.

  • to the dude who yelled “JP IS A BOSS” during the tribute screening's technical glitch. 
  • to Alpine Initiatives for being on-hand all weekend.
  • to Montreal for knowing how to make fabulous bagels.
  • to the Hyatt Regency for injecting everything in the lobby with hefty tinges of purple.
  • and lastly to Paul Mandell, who managed to fuel my excitement for this season more than anyone else. If Paul Mandell isn't a household name yet, then you haven't seen Good Company 2. Yeah, Paul, we're rolling. 

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