Words & Photo by Ben Girardi

This season at Cerro Catedral in Argentina was unlike any I’ve experienced in the past. A deeper than usual snowpack filled in lines that I never thought were skiable everywhere on the mountain. From zones up in the alpine that are normally rocky, to lower mountain terrain that’s covered in bushes and bamboo, it was all a go, and you could ride anywhere you wanted.

Throughout the month of August, thanks to SASS Global Travel, we were able to explore and ski to our hearts’ content. I was lucky to be there capturing images with my friends Mauri Cambilla, Piers Solomon, Benny Schmitt and Vicente Katz, who are featured in the photos below.

Local legend Mauri Cambilla in his backyard. You can see the spires at the top of the mountain from his house.

Mauri headed up into the darkness for another line.

Piers Solomon with that look back.

Mauri playing amongst the rocks.

In previous years this landing would have been all rock. This year Piers was able to send it no problem.

Lots of moments that made us forget we were in Argentina and think we were in Japan. Benny Schmitt working his way through the trees.

Benny looking back up for another line for his next run.

Another zone you would normally be wary of laying a hard turn on due to rocks. Piers getting that easily accessible snow.

Frozen faces on deep pow days, Vicente Katz smiles through the pow.

Vicente exploring one of the many different forests.

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